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California Tan VERSUS Optimizer 235 ml

California Tan VERSUS Optimizer 235 ml

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Discover your darkest side and show your undeniably open, bold and strong personality with the California Tan VERSUS Optimizer. This innovative formula is designed to expand your tanning limits and give you an intense, long-lasting color.

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Active ingredients

• Enhanced Tanners: A blend of cosmetic tanners and dyes gives your skin an instant dark color while DHA develops a long-lasting tan. Enriched with Melanin Activated Peptide and Black Truffle for an extra color boost.

• CuO2® and TRF™: Advanced tanning technologies with powerful ingredients revitalize skin for deeper, darker tanning results and enhanced color.

• pH balancing blend: Optimizes the skin's pH for long-lasting color results while protecting the skin.

• Detoxifying Skin Blend: Activated charcoal and other skin-loving ingredients detoxify, protect and improve the overall complexion.

• Kiwi extract: Neutralizes free radicals and prevents skin damage, while amino acids give the skin a healthy, supple appearance.

• Papaya Extract: Rich in vitamin C, promotes collagen synthesis for youthful looking skin.

• Formulated to fight ATO and ensure long-lasting results.


Enjoy the refreshing scent of crisp darkness and experience the unique experience of VERSUS.


Apply evenly before tanning and massage in gently. After
Before using self-tanners, wash or wipe your hands thoroughly. Only
suitable for external use. Avoid contact with eyes. Perfect for
use in a solarium or in natural sunlight, but
without sun protection.