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UV protective glasses - solarium protective glasses - UV Goggles Vision1 in case (gold)

UV protective glasses - solarium protective glasses - UV Goggles Vision1 in case (gold)

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The UV protection glasses, which our customers affectionately call "Guckis", are characterized by their innovative mounting system and maximum eye protection. The ergonomically shaped glasses have a clamping system made of a transparent plastic fiber clamp and centrally installed lenses that allow you to see while tanning. The glasses are delivered in a designer case and should not be missing on every visit to the solarium or on vacation.

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protection and safety

Protecting the eyes from harmful UV radiation is of great
Importance, as UV radiation penetrates through the thin eyelid and
can damage eyesight. The correct use of the
Solarium goggles can help prevent eye damage and
to prevent unsightly eye bags and sunlight reflections.


Gold shiny (metallic effect)


The UV protective goggles are ergonomically shaped, lightweight and hardly
It offers the possibility to relax during the tanning session
and is marked with the CE seal, which confirms its
Quality and safety confirmed.

Quality and protection are assured with these UV protection glasses and they come with a plastic case.


The safety goggles are attached to the transparent plastic fiber clip
the nose so that the eyes are completely covered by the glasses
and if possible no light should penetrate through the edges.